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                            The difference between the manufacturing and maintenance

                                Remanufacturing is a lot of the same kind of scrap recycling products to the factory after removal, according to the type of zero (department) collection and detection, to have residual life of the scrap parts as remanufacturing blank, mass repair, performance, use of new and high technology to upgrade, obtained by remanufacturing products on the technical performance and quality can reach even more than the original machine product level. In addition, remanufacturing is the scale of production mode, it is helpful to realize automation and on-line quality control of products, to reduce costs, reduce consumption of resources and energy, reduce environmental pollution, to achieve maximum economic benefits with the smallest input.

                            Maintenance refers to the stage in order to maintain or return to good use of the product technical state and normal operation and use of technical measures, often is random, in situ, emergency.            Maintenance objects are defective products, in exchange for more give priority to, supplemented by a single or small batch of zero (department) to repair. Its general relatively backward equipment and technology, and difficult to form a batch production. The repaired products are most difficult to achieve in terms of quality, performance, the original machine product level.



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