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                            Remanufacturing is what

                            One, the basic concepts

                                Remanufacturing (Remanufacture) is to make the old machines with renewed vigor of life process. It to the old machinery and equipment for the blank (Core), USES the special craft and technology, on the basis of the original manufacturing a new manufacture, and to make out a product both in performance and quality as the original product.

                            Second, the experience stage

                                The remanufacturing of the development of our country has experienced three important stages:

                                The first stage is from 1999 to 2004. In June of 1999, China's "advanced manufacturing technology" in xi 'an international conference of surface engineering and remanufacturing technology "academic papers, in the domestic first puts forward the concept of" remanufacture "; in March, 2000, our country in gothenburg, Sweden at the 15th annual international conference on European maintenance, published titled "remanufacturing engineering oriented toward the 21st century", conference papers, this is the first time for Chinese scholars on the international conference on maintenance "remanufacture" papers published; in May 2001, approved by the general armaments department of the construction of our country, the first in the field of remanufacturing national key laboratory, national defense science and technology key laboratory equipment remanufacturing technology. In 2003, the then prime minister wen jiabao of the state council organized more than 2000 scientists, eight months, from the national demand, development trend and main technology problems and goal of "national medium and long-term science and technology development plan" has carried on the demonstration research, the third feature of the scientific problems of manufacturing development will China take "since the repair and remanufacturing of mechanical equipment" as a key technology of 19, in September 2004, the national development and reform commission, the organization held a "work" the national circular economy, the country was invited to do the "development of remanufacturing engineering, promote the construction of circular economy" special report, caused the attention and interest of the participants, also attaches great importance to by the foreign. In the first stage, the concept of remanufacturing was recognized by government agencies, laid the foundation for further development.

                                The second stage is from 2005 to 2008. 21, 22, documents issued by the state council in 2005 have made clear that countries "support for waste electromechanical products remanufacturing," and "organize green remanufacturing technology and research and development of its innovation ability". In 2006, former vice premier zeng peiyan on developing auto parts remanufacturing industry in China has forbidden: "agreed to auto parts for pilot remanufacturing industry, to explore the experience, research and development technology. In 2007, our country units of the sustainability of mechanical and electronic products design and research on the basis of remanufacturing in again by the national natural science fund committee approved for key projects. In 2008, the national development and reform commission has organized the" national auto parts remanufacturing industry pilot plan review ", as a team in China to all over the country provinces and cities in more than 40 declare unit screening out 14 auto parts remanufacturing pilot enterprises has carried on the review, including the faw, dongfeng, saic, heavy truck, chery automobile manufacturing enterprises and weichai, yuchai engine manufacturing enterprises are implementing remanufacturing project. In the second stage, the development model of remanufacturing industry in China has been basically established.

                                 The third stage is implemented on January 1, 2009, "circular economy promotion law" of our country's unit to assist the supplemented and revised remanufacturing terms have been in the law article 40, clearly put forward in the article 56, has provided a legal basis for the promotion of the remanufacturing industry development. In two countries have issued "circular economy promotion law", "to promote the development of remanufacturing industry opinion" and "about to speed up the decision of the cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries" such as a number of important measures, to promote the remanufacturing industry related ministries and commissions have started working support the development of remanufacturing.