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                            The advantages of thermal spraying technology

                                (1) the coating substrate material is not restricted. Thermal spray can in almost all solid surface preparation of the coating, such as metal materials, inorganic materials (glass, ceramics) and organic materials (such as wood, cloth, paper).


                                (2) the types of coating material selection range. Almost all metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics, etc. Can be used as coating material.


                                (3) by spraying the object size, size, and shape is not restricted. Large area coating, as well as for large equipment can also be spraying workpiece local. As well as spray parts, can be made after the structure of spray.


                                (4) gives the ordinary materials with special surface properties. Can make the materials meet the wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, high temperature oxidation resistance, heat insulation, sealing and other special performance requirements, save precious materials, improve product quality, meet the needs of a variety of engineering and advanced technology.


                                (5) coating thickness control more easily. Thin to dozens of micrometers, but for a few millimeters thick.


                                (6) the cost is low. Economic benefit is remarkable.