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                            On the surface of remanufacturingtechnology application

                                 Mechanical equipment by the use for a long time, such as leakage power consumption increases, the severe vibration, the eyes problem, maintenance cost is too high, generally classified as scrap, the occurrence of these phenomena are parts wear, corrosion, deformation, aging, appear even crack. Wear and tear on the parts surface, corrosion from the beginning of the part surface, fatigue crack extension from within the surface like, aging is the result of the surface reaction with medium, even if the deformation, and the relative position of surface fault. So "problem" is the surface of the problem, the product is the main reason of the failure parts surface wear. Using the "surface engineering technology in the process of remanufacturing can waste products of spare parts for high technology recovery or performance improvement, to high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, environmental protection product to regenerate. As a result, China's defense science, technology and equipment remanufacturing technology key laboratory of proposed "size and performance improvement" as the characteristics of remanufacturing technology system in China, namely the use of advanced surface engineering technology, restore the worn out parts surface size, performance, to strengthen, which is the true sense realize the original manufacture size of remanufacturing, and improve product performance, increase the rate of scrap parts remanufacturing.


                                Equipment remanufacturing technology of national defense science and technology key laboratory not only proposes the remanufacturing system with Chinese characteristics, also has carried on the practical application. Through in automobile engine remanufacturing, for example, the application of advanced surface engineering technology, significantly improve the utilization of scrap parts, improve the quality of the remanufacturing engine. On the surface of remanufacturing technology application in the engine remanufacturing an armored equipment, significantly prolong the life of the engine. Surface engineering is one of the key remanufacturing technology with Chinese characteristics, to improve the efficiency of the remanufacturing plays a key role.

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