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                            Remanufacturing process cleaning technology

                            A: the basic concept of

                                Remanufacturing cleaning refers to the use of the equipment will be cleaning fluid on the worn out parts surface, the mechanical, physical, chemical or electrochemical methods, to remove adhered on the surface of the worn out parts of grease, rust, dirt, scale, dirt, such as formation and the process of scrap parts surface cleanliness required.

                            2: cleaning method and cleaning requirements

                                (1) the main pollutants are dust cleaning method loading case bridge mud, oil, rust, paint and old carbon deposit, etc. According to the different pollutants of loader bridge box, develop their own cleaning method. The following table

                            The cleaning method of different pollutants

                            Pollutants dust mud lubricating oil hydraulic oil rust formation old paint

                            Cleaning method of high pressure spray cleaning, scratch high-pressure decomposition, ultrasonic cleaning pyrolysis, high-pressure water high temperature decomposition, high pressure water pyrolysis, pyrolysis of sandblasting, spray sand

                            Medium cleaning water chemical cleaning fluid chemical cleaning fluid chemical cleaning fluid chemical herbicides chemical cleaning fluid

                                        The cleaning method of different pollutants


                            Dut mud


                            Lubricating oil

                            the hydraulic oil


                            old paint

                            Cleaning method

                            High pressure spray cleaning, scratch

                            High pressure decomposition and ultrasonic cleaning

                            High temperature decomposition, high pressure water

                            High temperature decomposition, high pressure water

                            Pyrolysis, sand blasting

                            Pyrolysis, sand blasting

                            Cleaning medium


                            Chemical cleaning fluid

                            Chemical cleaning fluid

                            Chemical cleaning fluid

                            Chemical herbicides

                            Chemical cleaning fluid

                                (2) the cleaning requirements of different parts of cleanliness requirements are different. Generally speaking, the purity of the assembly time than after removal of cleanliness, the purity of the mating part is higher than the mating part cleanliness, dynamic matching parts cleanliness higher than static matching parts cleanliness, cleanliness is higher than the precision matching parts with precision components for cleanliness. For spraying, brush plating and bonding parts, such as the surface cleanliness requirements generally higher. When cleaning, to meet the cleaning requirements, must be according to the different situation, different detergents and cleaning methods. In cleaning parts, to prevent parts from corrosion. Components after cleaning need to set a period of time, if want to take the appropriate anti-corrosion measures.

                            3: process cleaning

                                According to bridge box remanufacturing process requirement, the old loading bridge chassis parts remanufacturing in front of the assembly and dismantling in cleaning process can be divided into parts cleaning, disassemble the parts after the 2 parts.

                                (1) assembly and parts cleaning process

                            Assembly and parts cleaning is to remove the surface accumulated dust mud, sludge. Cleaning method is put loader double variable assembly and drive axle in cleaning the pool, adopt the method of high pressure spray cleaning. With a scraper when necessary, just brush tools, such as to wash by hand. For stubborn dirt, cleaning agent can be added, and improve the water pressure and temperature.

                                (2) parts cleaning process

                            According to the loader double variable assembly structure features and drive axle components, can be roughly divided into plate parts, shaft parts, body parts, gear parts. Different object cleaning cleaning technology is different, therefore must be based on the parts structure feature selection cleaning method, equipment, cleaning and washing medium, etc., so as to improve the efficiency of all kinds of parts cleaning, ensure the quality of cleaning.

                                Plate parts mainly include bearing cap, flange, end cover, etc. Such parts materials are cast iron, so high temperature decomposition can be used to clean. Specific method is to put the parts into the pyrolysis furnace, to join the chemical cleaning fluid, cleaning after the completion of the removed parts, then use hot water to spray cleaning, surface residual alkali liquor to remove parts.

                                Axial parts because of its structure is relatively simple. Generally the shaft can be used high temperature and high pressure cleaning method to clean; For the surface needs to be made to repair damaged shaft parts, ultrasonic cleaning can be used to improve the cleanliness; For gear shaft parts, but also to focus on tooth surface cleaning.

                                Body parts structure is complex, the oil pollution is serious, therefore must be combined with the actual pollution level, choose appropriate cleaning process or using combined cleaning process. For the planet carrier, such as differential shell shell parts, generally USES high temperature and high pressure cleaning process; For surface has a lot of rust and old paint layer of body parts, such as the drive axle housing, gear case, etc., can be high temperature decomposition method is used to clean first, coupled with high pressure water jet or sand blasting process, remove the dirt of the decomposed, supplemented by vibration when necessary process to improve the cleaning efficiency and cleanliness

                            Umbrella gear, the sun wheel gear parts such as complicated structure, surface failure forms, higher requirements for cleanliness, remanufacturing is difficult. For such parts when cleaning, should pay attention to protect the tooth surface, to prevent the secondary injury, increase the remanufacturing repair difficulty. At present, the method of cleaning the commonly used ones are such parts is on the basis of ultrasonic cleaning technology with artificial scrub.

                                (3) the matters needing attention

                            After cleaning the parts should be identified, indicate the name of the parts and working hours, and press parts categories stored in a clean container. Cleaning the parts should be completed within 3 days after inspection, prevent rust. If he doesn't check should be timely to rust and dust protection. On the part of the sampling ways to evaluate cleanliness, can according to different types of parts and production process to determine the sampling frequency. To strengthen environmental protection consciousness, choose clean non-toxic harmless raw materials, and adopt reasonable cleaning process and equipment for waste liquid and waste residue, waste gas disposal, in order to achieve national emission standards.

                                At present, the research of engineering machinery parts remanufacturing cleaning process, are mostly based on the traditional cleaning technology to improve or to borrow directly, has yet to form a complete applicable to engineering machinery remanufacturing cleaning technology of the parts. Use of the existing advanced green cleaning technology, such as saturated steam cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc., to improve and enrich engineering machinery and manufacturing cleaning process, can improve the engineering machinery parts remanufacturing cleaning efficiency and quality.



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